Professional Assessment Software Suite

ADE's Professional Assessment Software Suite (PASS) is designed for substance abuse professionals, accountability and specialty court staff, drug testing facilities, state and local agencies, and other programs. PASS is completely internet based - no download required! Including our proprietary substance use assessments - NEEDS, SALCE, and JASAE - along with customized Client Management Programs, PASS is a complete solution for the evaluation, data collection, and reporting needs of programs big and small.

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SolutionsPro is ADE's newest assessment application. Similar to PASS, this application is completely internet based. However, it offers many more behavioral health assessments, addressing many topics such as substance use, gambling, PTSD, and other concerns. And, the list of assessments will continue to grow. Administration of the assessments is completely interactive, allowing surveys to include logic, asking certain questions based on answers to previous questions. Clients can take surveys in your office or at home, with results always appearing in your database.

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ADE Solutions for Individuals

ADE Solutions brings our wide variety of assessments addressing behavioral health issues, including substance use, mental health, and other areas of concern, home to the individual. ADE Solutions can help you if you've been asked to complete an assessment by a lawyer or counselor, or you are concerned for yourself or a loved one about a potential problem. The site also offers an education section with many quizzes, podcasts, and infographics to expand your knowledge about many behavioral concerns.

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