Frequently Asked Questions


ADE is pleased to provide our customers with convenience in customer support.

ADE Customer Support Representatives have created this additional support feature especially for you! Please be assured that you will continue to have access to Customer Service Representatives by calling 1-800-334-1918.

  1. What are the system requirements to install/run the software?

    The system requirements for the PASS Web program are simple. You can use a Mac, Windows or Linux based operating system. You can also use a tablet, smartphone or alternate mobile devices. The only requirement is to be updated to the most recent web browser possible for your device. ADE highly recommends the use of Firefox or Chrome. The current minimum requirement for Internet Explorer is IE11.

  2. What type of training is available?

    There are three basic types of training available to ADE customers: on-site, remote, and telephone. On-site training is scheduled with ADE Incorporated and may have costs associated with it. Remote training is scheduled with ADE Incorporated, generally at no charge. Software is available to customers allowing them to view the presentation over a secure Internet connection. Audio is provided via telephone conference call. Telephone training is available to all customers, generally at no charge. This training is also scheduled through ADE Incorporated. Training may be customized for your business needs and may include software training, as well as evaluation administration and interpretation training. It is also available to anyone, whether you are a new customer or an existing customer looking for a refresher course.

  3. How much does the service/software cost?

    PASS software (without tracking) does not have a cost associated with it. The cost is incurred when evaluations are purchased. The evaluations are pay-as-you-go, with no expiration date, aimed at programs with limited budgets. Please see our pricing page for more information.

    PASS Tracking software does have a start-up fee associated with it. Please contact ADE Incorporated for current pricing.

  4. Are the surveys available online?

    The NEEDS, SALCE and JASAE surveys are available online through the PASS software, as well as in paper and pencil format. However, you will need to participate in a Free Trial or become a customer with ADE to set up your PASS Database and purchase assessments.

  5. What is the PASS Tracking Program?

    PASS Tracking is a database, customized for your use, which allows you to track your client's progress through various programs over time. PASS Tracking is a full service client tracking program. The software program combines information management with features that allow the user to easily monitor client activities. Please see the PASS Tracking page for all the details about this extensice program.

  6. How do I sign up for the FREE trial?

    You may sign up for the FREE, no-obligation trial of our PASS software and evaluations by clicking here or on Free Trial on the navigation menu.

  7. Can I add questions to the survey?

    You may add custom questions to your survey to collect additional information for your business needs. Please note, the custom questions are not scored in the Survey Report.

  8. Can I use the software on multiple computers?

    You may use the PASS Web software on multiple computers, provided they are connected to the Internet. You may also have an unlimited number of users signed in simultaneously.