PASS Tracking


The PASS Tracking program was designed to provide customers with an ongoing management tool that provides the ability to track and monitor the progress of clients where continued reporting is essential. Multiple user access is also an added feature, allowing various users to access the data collection system. Security, IT development, training, and support are included with all ADE products.

PASS Tracking is a web-based, full-featured client tracking program. This powerful product can be used with any or all of our assessment tools, or a customized survey. It then combines the results from these assessment with an electronic client record.

The Criminal Justice and Community Corrections models are designed to provide Specialty Courts with the ability to track all facets of client activities, including probation supervision, sanction adherence, treatment progress, court dates, and drug screen results. All PASS Tracking modules and screens can be modified to accommodate specific customer requirements.

The State DUI/DWI program model is designed for tracking and monitoring offenders, including areas such as: interlock and electronic monitoring, attendance in alcohol awareness and education programs, and fee collection. Customization is also available for the PASS Tracking program used by state programs.

Other Great Features of PASS Tracking

ADE Incorporated's pricing philosophy also extends to our Client Tracking & Case Management Software. The web-based PASS Tracking Program is priced so that all of our customers can take advantage of the state-of-the-art system. In most cases, a small set-up fee will be required to set up a customized database designed around your business needs. We make it possible for customers to obtain the PASS Tracking Program without spending a fortune. Records are then priced on a per-record basis, allowing our customers to purchase records as they use them. We believe that this philosophy suits our customers well.

Visit our Current Pricing, page for more information about our pricing philosophy for PASS Tracking.