Current Pricing

Cost is always a concern when purchasing a new software program. ADE Incorporated has chosen a pricing policy that keeps our products affordable! Our assessment software options, the Professional Assessment Software Suite (PASS) and SolutionsPro, has no upfront cost associated with them. The cost is incurred when evaluations are purchased or used. The evaluations are pay-as-you-go, with no expiration date, aimed at programs with limited budgets. PASS Tracking and Case Management Software may have a small start-up fee associated with it.

We believe that providing our customers with quality products and superior customer support at affordable prices is essential. Please contact ADE Incorporated for pricing on a customized case management solution.

Assessment Instruments in PASS (NEEDS, SALCE, & JASAE)

ADE Incorporated has been providing quality assessment instruments to our customers since 1983. We believe that quality products do not have to be outrageously priced to be effective. By pricing our assessment instruments at a reasonable per-use fee, we have been able to provide quality instruments to all of our customers. We do not charge more for additional software or customization or customer support. We believe that our customers appreciate the straight-forward, per-use fee structure that covers everything. Even better, assessments are made available as soon as you make a payment! No shipping of materials required.

NEEDS - $10.00 (minimum order of 12)

SALCE - $8.00 (minimum order of 12)

JASAE - $8.00 (minimum order of 12)

ADE Solutions & SolutionsPro Assessments

ADE Soltions offers individuals a chance to take a behavioral health assessment from anywhere at anytime. SolutionsPro offers the same assessments as ADE Soltions in a professional database similar to PASS. All public domain assessments available in ADE Soltions are free to use. ADE proprietary assessments have a cost associated with them, which can be billed to the professional at the end of each month, or can be billed to the client, making SolutionsPro completely free for the professional to use. If the assessments are billed to the professional, they will only pay for the assessments used in the month prior, with no minimum usage required.

NEEDS Plus - $14.99

Marijuana History and Severity Scale (MHSS) - $4.99

Opioid Related Risk Assessment (ORRA) - $4.99

Gambling Risk Decision (GRiD) - $4.99

ADHD Portrait Survey (ADHD-PS) - $4.99

PTSD Spotlight Survey (PTSD-S) - $4.99

Professional Assessment Software Suite (PASS) Tracking Program

ADE Incorporated's pricing philosophy also extends to our Client Tracking & Case Management Software. The web-based PASS Tracking Program is priced so that all of our customers can take advantage of the state-of-the-art system. In most cases, a small set-up fee will be required to set up a customized database designed around your business needs. We make it possible for customers to obtain the PASS Tracking Program without spending a fortune. Records are then priced on a per-record basis, allowing our customers to purchase records as they use them. We believe that this philosophy suits our customers well.

The Client Tracking & Case Management Software start-up and per record fee covers: the cost of records used, secure storage and backups, unlimited user accounts, software updates, personalized training, customer support, three (3) initial snapshots, and three (3) initial reports. Additional snapshots and reports can be purchased as outlined by the terms of the contract. ADE makes every effort to provide additional services at a reasonable cost to all customers.

Please contact ADE Incorporated at 1-800-334-1918 to design a package that fits your budget. Packages start as low as $15.00 per Client Record. Or to view our software with some sample clients, fill out the Free Trial Request. Please be sure to specify in the comments section the products you are interested in. Our case management software can also be used in conjunction with any of our assessment instruments.