ADE Incorporated offers a full range of services designed to meet our customers' needs. Over the years, we have continued to develop products and provide services that guarantee customer quality through client assessment and case management processes. Training and support are included with all of our products. Specialized services are available upon request, including data conversion, custom surveys, custom reporting, and research services.

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Custom Surveys & Projects

We provide a custom web application service for specialized or unique situations. Occasionally, our customers choose to expand their use of the PASS Web software to other client data systems. We will work with program staff to discuss workflow and system requirements. A project specification will then be approved and the application is developed. The custom application begins with the PASS Web system and is modified to meet customer specifications. You will receive a custom application, specifically designed to meet your needs, without lengthy development time.


Independent research on our instruments confirms what our customers have long believed that our applications are accurate and reliable. Validity and reliability are critical when selecting an assessment tool. The instrument must measure results accurately and consistently. Formal and independent research has been conducted in Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina, and Ohio with results showing a consistent 90-98 percent agreement level with professional interview results.


We understand the importance of database security in today's web-enabled society. It is important for end users to know that adequate security measures are taken to ensure the safety of their data. Protecting customer information, not only from the outside but from within, requires constant vigilance and attention.

We believe that database security consists of a well-planned security structure. Server security, combined with trusted IP addresses, appropriate permission levels, and password-protected database access are all part of the security picture.


Our customers have further expanded requirements to include the ability to track and monitor clients beyond the assessment process. We have responded by creating and implementing web-based monitoring and case management systems. Customers now benefit from a comprehensive product offering that includes an assessment, custom web applications, database design, hosting, reporting, training, and support. These features are all part of an integrated information system designed to meet customer needs.


We at ADE Incorporated understand the importance of a well-trained staff. We include training for all new customers to guarantee the products are used as intended. It is also available for existing customers that would like a refresher. Training can be conducted remotely, using viewing software or by a conference call. ADE will customize training to match the customer's content and needs, offering a hands-on demonstration of the specific software application.

While training is an integral part of your package, the applications are very easy to understand. Explanations are usually very simple. On-site training is available for customers who prefer face-to-face training. Contact an ADE representative today at 1-800-334-1918 to schedule the training that best fits your needs.